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How to Start a Lash Business 25 best tips to follow in 2024

Are you passionate about false eyelashes and eyelash extensions? Have you always dreamed of diving into the beauty industry but haven’t quite found your niche? Well, here’s your chance to become a lash extension entrepreneur and make some good money as a small business owner. All it takes is a love for beauty and an interest in marketing lashes.

What is an Eyelash Business?

The beauty industry offers many niches, and the eyelash business is undeniably a lucrative one. According to Grand View Research, Inc., by 2025, the global false eyelashes market is expected to reach $1.6 billion. That’s a lot of potential customers!

In the eyelash business, a skilled technician applies eyelash extensions and other lash aesthetics to clients. Naturally, like any other business, running an eyelash business also involves marketing, sales, customer service, and other operations to ensure profitability.

How Much Does it Cost to Start Your Own Lash Business?

You’ll need some capital to kickstart your own lash business. When launching an eyelash extensions company, you’ll have to invest in supplies and equipment. You’ll also need to secure a salon location, and you might consider hiring lash artists. All in all, starting your lash business could cost you anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000.

How to Start an Eyelash Business: 25 Crucial Steps

Ready to dive into your own business selling eyelash extension services? Check out these 25 essential steps to help you kickstart a successful eyelash extensions business:

1. Get the Necessary Training and Qualifications

Unless you’re planning to hire a lash artist, you’ll need to get the required training and qualifications to become an eyelash technician for your lash business. Having a license helps you show professionalism to your clients and keeps your business legally compliant.

Of course, every state and country has its own set of requirements, so make sure to research the necessary qualifications in your region. You might have to take a series of courses, pass a test, or pay certain fees to obtain an esthetician license in your area.

2. Name Your Business and Create a Brand

What are you going to name your lash business? Every company needs a creative and unique business name that sticks in customers’ minds. Make sure to register the brand name to protect it from competitors using it.

Of course, your business name is just one aspect of your overall lash brand. Design a logo that visually captures your brand, showcasing your products, values, and vision.

3. Know Your Target Market

Who’s your target customer? Like most businesses, your market won’t cover everyone. What kind of customer will be interested in your aesthetic services? Think about the demographics and traits of your target audience when deciding who to market your business to.

4. Research the Competition Providing Eyelash Extensions

Who are your competitors in the lash business? Which other local businesses will also offer eyelash extensions and other lash services to your target market? Do some research on your competition, focusing on the services they offer and how they promote their companies. What strategies work well for them, and where can you make improvements in your own lash business?

5. Create a Business Plan

Before you can get funding for your eyelash business, you’ll need to create a business plan. Even if you’re not seeking help from a bank or investor, writing a business plan will help you clarify your business, identify your target customer, and develop effective strategies.

A solid business plan for your lash company should cover an overview of your business, including a general description of your company and the services it offers. It should also include financial projections, details about your target market, and a basic marketing plan.

6. Choose a Business Entity

How do you plan to set up your lash extension business? Will you be the sole owner, or will you partner with someone else? Who’s legally accountable for the brand? And who’ll handle the profits and debts?

When deciding on your eyelash company’s structure, you have options like sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, or even a corporation. Most lash businesses are set up as either a sole proprietorship or an LLC, depending on who will be personally responsible.

7. Set Up a Business Bank Account for Your Eyelash Extension Business

Before your lash business starts handling money, make sure to open a business bank account. Having a business bank account adds a professional touch to your small business, and it keeps your business and personal finances separate, which is crucial for legal compliance and protecting your business.

You might also think about getting a business credit card for your eyelash extension business. It can help finance your company during slower times and cover inventory costs until you start making a profit.

8. Sort Out Licensing, Permits, and Fees

What licenses and permits will you need to run your eyelash business? There’s no straightforward answer because requirements differ depending on your location. Make sure to look into any business licenses, as well as aesthetic or healthcare licenses, needed in your area, and be ready to cover any associated fees.

9. Set A Budget

What’s your budget for starting your lash business? Starting any new small business comes with a range of startup costs, and the eyelash extension industry is no different.

Think about everything you need to get your business off the ground, like expenses for your salon or rental space, hiring employees, and buying equipment and supplies. As a new small business owner, you’ll also want to keep your financial resources in mind, so you can save money when needed.

10. Choose a Location

Where do you plan to run your business? Will you rent a space to turn into a salon, or do you already own a location for your eyelash brand?

You have plenty of options. You could work from the comfort of your own home studio, or you might opt for a stylish storefront in a prime location. In many areas, you can even offer mobile eyelash services, operating out of a company van or another commercial vehicle.

11. Develop a Unique Service Proposition

Once you’ve picked your location, it’s crucial to come up with a unique selling proposition (USP). What sets your eyelash business apart and makes it stand out from the competition?

This might be a unique technique, top-notch product quality, outstanding customer service, or a serene and lavish salon atmosphere. Recognizing and promoting your USP will draw in and keep customers.

12. Implement Health and Safety Protocols

 When you’re getting business insurance, make sure to set up strict health and safety protocols. This is super important in the beauty industry, especially for services near the eyes. Lay out clear procedures for hygiene, customer safety, and staff training. Doing this not only keeps your clients safe but also boosts your business’s reputation for professionalism and care.

13. Purchase Business Insurance

Where are you thinking of setting up shop? Will you rent a space to turn into a salon, or do you have a spot to house your own eyelash brand?

You’ve got lots of options. You could work from the cozy vibes of your own home studio, or you could choose a fancy location on the main street. And in many areas, you could even offer mobile eyelash services, working out of a company van or another commercial vehicle.

11. Develop a Unique Service Proposition

Once you’ve picked your location, it’s essential to come up with a unique selling proposition (USP). What sets your eyelash business apart and makes it better than the competition?

This could be a unique technique, superior product quality, exceptional customer service, or a relaxing and luxurious salon environment. Identifying and promoting your USP will help attract and keep customers.

12. Implement Health and Safety Protocols

When you’re getting business insurance, make sure to set up strict health and safety protocols. This is super important in the beauty industry, especially for services near the eyes. Lay out clear procedures for hygiene, customer safety, and employee training. Doing this not only keeps your clients safe but also boosts your business’s reputation for professionalism and care.

13. Purchase Business Insurance

Running any business comes with its fair share of risks. What if a natural disaster wipes out your inventory? What if someone, whether it’s an employee or a customer, gets hurt? What if hackers target your online operations?

Since you’re going to pour lots of time and money into making your lash business a success, it’s essential to get business insurance to safeguard that investment.

Think about insurance policies like property insurance, liability insurance, and cyber insurance, especially if you’re selling or promoting services in the online marketplace.

14. Buy the Necessary Equipment

What equipment will you need to run your eyelash company? Of course, you’ll need basic office equipment like a desk, chairs, and a computer, as well as decor to set up a soothing atmosphere. But as a small business owner starting an eyelash extensions business, you’ll also want to invest in the following equipment:

  • Lighting – You’ll need bright, high-quality portable lighting to ensure you and your aestheticians can clearly see every individual lash.
  • Reclining chair or lash bed – Where will your customers relax while you work on their lashes?
  • Linens and sanitary covers – Don’t forget covers for your lash bed to keep customers comfortable and clean.
  • Comfortable chair – You and your lash artists will spend hours in your chairs applying eyelash extensions, so make sure you’re comfortable.
  • Shelves and storage – Keep your salon organized with plenty of shelves and storage containers.
  • Lash cart – Equip a lash cart with all your various extensions and other lash supplies and equipment for convenient access.
  • Sink and sterilization area – Maintain a clean and sterile environment by outfitting your salon with a sink and sterilization area.

15. Set Your Prices and Create a Menu

What services will your lash business provide to customers, and how much will you charge for each? When setting your pricing, take a look at what competitors in your area are offering. You might decide to match their prices, or you could start with promotional pricing and charge even less than other local businesses. Develop a menu of services and pricing that your customers can easily refer to when booking lash services with you.

16. Create a Professional Website and Email ID

Every business needs an online presence to thrive in today’s market. Even if you’re not selling online, a nicely designed website and an official email address will give your new business a professional touch and serve as a crucial source of promotion for customers looking for lash services. Plus, it can include a booking tool, making it easy for customers to schedule appointments.

If you can, align your website domain with your overall small business brand. Don’t stress if you’re not familiar with web design. Many new business owners hire a professional to create their website for them.

17. Choose a Booking System

How will you schedule your customers’ lash extension appointments for your business? The days of relying on pen, paper, and a desk calendar are over. Nowadays, lash business owners need a reliable booking system for the most professional scheduling.

There’s plenty of booking software out there with features to fit almost any type of business. Consider some of the top online booking software systems like Boulevard, Fresha, or Gloss Genius.

18. Invest in Point of Sale Software

How will your lash business handle payments? By investing in point-of-sale software, you can ensure your business can accept various payment methods from your customers both online and in person, and accurately track your sales.

Just like with booking system software, there are plenty of point-of-sale software options out there, each with its own unique features and tools. Small business owners can pick from some of the best point of sale software options like Square Point of Sale, Shopify POS, Quickbooks Point of Sale, or Revel Systems.

19. Market Your Business and Build a Customer Base

It’s a competitive market, and you can’t expect customers to start lining up just because you’ve opened the doors of your new lash salon. You need to market your eyelash extension business to build a customer base.

Small business owners don’t have to rely on traditional advertising anymore to market their products and services. You can connect with potential clients by engaging with them on social media platforms. Set up social media profiles for your lash business on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

By sharing engaging content, you can attract a following of lash enthusiasts and potential clients. Some lash artists have built impressive followings on YouTube and TikTok by sharing videos of them applying eyelash extensions to willing customers. You can even showcase your own lashes to generate interest in your brand.

20. Establish a Customer Loyalty Program

After marketing your business and starting to build a customer base, think about setting up a customer loyalty program. This might include rewards for repeat services, discounts for referrals, or special offers on birthdays and other occasions. A loyalty program can motivate repeat business and transform occasional clients into regulars.

21. Launch Your Business

You’ve got the skills and certifications, you’ve bought equipment and supplies, you’ve set up your salon, and you’ve built a customer base. Now it’s time to launch your lash business! Planning and organization are crucial for a successful launch of your own eyelash brand.

22. Expand Your Services

Now that you’ve successfully launched your small business, you’ll want to start looking toward future growth. How will you expand your services and maximize your earnings? Remember, offering more high-quality services can lead to more customers and increased profits.

An entrepreneur who’s launched a successful lash business can explore various ways to expand their services. Perhaps you’ll create webinars and sell eyelash tutorials online. Maybe you’ll develop your own custom eyelash extensions and start your own lash label.

You could even venture into becoming an eyelash wholesaler. With a creative mind, the possibilities are practically endless. You can also explore how to start a hair salon or how to start a nail salon to add more services.

23. Continuously Educate Yourself and Your Staff

As you broaden your services, it’s crucial to keep educating yourself and your staff on the latest trends, techniques, and products in the eyelash industry. Attending workshops, joining webinars, and earning advanced certifications can keep your business ahead of the curve and guarantee that you’re delivering top-notch services to your clients.

24. Explore E-commerce Opportunities

Consider diving into e-commerce opportunities to supplement your physical business. This might mean selling eyelash care products, accessories, or even your own line of eyelash extensions online. E-commerce can be a substantial revenue stream and assist you in reaching a broader audience beyond your local area.

25. Be a Successful Business Owner

Once your lash business starts making money, you’re on your way to becoming the successful small business owner you dreamed of. You’re now your own boss, but your journey as a lash artist is just beginning. Your business will need your ongoing support to keep thriving.

Caring for Lash Extensions: Educating Your Clients

As a lash extension entrepreneur, it’s not just about providing excellent services but also about educating your clients on how to care for their lash extensions properly. Proper aftercare is crucial for maintaining the longevity and health of lash extensions. Educating your clients will not only ensure their satisfaction but also reduce the risk of potential damage to their natural lashes. Here are some essential tips to include in your aftercare education:

Avoid Oil-Based Products:

Advise your clients to avoid oil-based makeup removers, cleansers, and skincare products. Oil can break down the adhesive and cause premature lash extension loss. Recommend water-based or lash extension-safe products for makeup removal and cleansing.

Gentle Cleansing:

Tell clients to clean their lash extensions regularly using a gentle, oil-free lash cleanser and a soft brush. Cleaning lashes removes dirt, debris, and bacteria, promoting lash health and preventing infections.

Avoid Excessive Moisture:

Let clients know to avoid excessive exposure to water, steam, or humidity for the first 24-48 hours after lash application. Water can weaken the adhesive bond during the initial curing period.

No Mascara on Extensions:

Make sure to emphasize that mascara shouldn’t be applied directly to lash extensions. It can cause clumping, damage the lashes, and make it necessary for more frequent fills.

Be Gentle with Lashes: 

Remind clients to avoid rubbing, pulling, or tugging at their lash extensions. Encourage them to be gentle when touching or cleansing their lashes to prevent premature shedding.

Use a Silk or Satin Pillowcase: 

Recommend using a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction on the lashes during sleep, helping to maintain their shape and extend their lifespan.

Regular Refills:

Make sure clients understand the importance of regular lash extension refills. Lash extensions naturally shed with the growth cycle of the natural lashes. Regular refills every 2-3 weeks will keep the lashes looking full and fresh.

Avoid DIY Removal:

Strongly advise clients against trying to remove their lash extensions at home. Improper removal can damage natural lashes, leading to sparse and weak lashes.

Lash Filling Etiquette:

Let clients know it’s best to arrive at their lash fill appointments with clean lashes, free of makeup and oils. This will ensure a better bond between the new extensions and existing lashes.

Know When to Seek Professional Help:

Encourage clients to reach out for professional advice if they experience any discomfort, irritation, or unusual changes in their lash extensions. Acting promptly can prevent potential issues from getting worse.

Aftercare TipDescription
Avoid Oil-Based ProductsAdvise clients to avoid oil-based makeup removers, cleansers, and skincare products to prevent premature lash extension loss.
Gentle CleansingInstruct clients to clean lash extensions regularly with a gentle, oil-free lash cleanser and soft brush.
Avoid Excessive MoistureAdvise clients to avoid excessive exposure to water, steam, or humidity after lash application to maintain adhesive strength.
No Mascara on ExtensionsEmphasize not to apply mascara directly to lash extensions to prevent clumping and damage, necessitating more frequent fills.
Be Gentle with LashesRemind clients to be gentle when touching or cleansing lashes to avoid premature shedding and maintain lash health.
Use a Silk or Satin PillowcaseSuggest using a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction on lashes during sleep, preserving their shape and longevity.
Regular RefillsEducate clients about the importance of regular lash extension refills every 2-3 weeks to keep lashes full and fresh.
Avoid DIY RemovalStrongly discourage clients from attempting DIY removal, as improper removal can damage natural lashes and lead to weakness.
Lash Filling EtiquetteAdvise clients to arrive with clean lashes for appointments to ensure better bonding with new extensions.
Know When to Seek Professional HelpEncourage seeking professional advice for discomfort, irritation, or unusual changes in lash extensions to address issues promptly.

By offering detailed aftercare instructions, you show your dedication to your clients’ well-being and the longevity of their lash extensions. Informed clients are more likely to stick to the recommended aftercare routine, resulting in happier, healthier, and more satisfied customers.

Plus, your clients will appreciate your commitment to their lash health and are more likely to refer others to your lash extension business.

Is a Lash Business Profitable?

Are lash businesses profitable? Absolutely! With over 40 million pairs of false eyelashes used by U.S. customers every month, the demand keeps growing. It’s no wonder that more entrepreneurs are thriving in the eyelash business.

By opening an eyelash salon, you can generate income, and the 25 steps outlined above should guide you on your journey.

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